Health Benefits of Cycling

  1. Strengthens the Heart

Cycling stimulates and improves our heart, lungs, and circulation by significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Up to reduce the chances of a heart attack to 50%. In addition, cycling regularly lowers fat blood levels.

  1. Tone and Harden Your Muscles

During cycling, most muscles in the body become active. Mainly the lower part of the body, quadriceps, buttocks, and twins by the movement of the pedal but are not the only ones, since the lumbar, abdominal, pectoral, shoulders and back also work for balance, stabilize and hold the body on the bike.

  1. Improves Blood Supply

When we make an intense physical effort, the areas that work the most need a greater blood circulation, and hence our blood supply is activated positively.

  1. Removes Fat and Decreases Weight

Cycling is a good option to maintain or reduce weight, as it increases the metabolic rate, develops muscles, and burns excess body fat. This sport also has the advantage that for overweight people they can practice it from the beginning without having to lose a few kilos before. This is because 70% of the weight of the body rests on the chair, allowing persons who cannot move about easily in another way can exercise to improve their physical fitness and stimulate fat metabolism.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Riding a bike lowers the level of LDL cholesterol or also popularly known as ” bad ” cholesterol. However, “good” cholesterol (HDL) increases because blood vessels become healthier and more flexible. There is less chance of calcifying.

  1. Enhances the Immune System

By pedaling the bike, you multiply the phagocytes, and they start to activate attacking the bacteria, thus protecting you from possible infectious diseases. When cycling, you release chemicals that create a feeling of well-being and improve your mood. Besides, phagocytes multiply and mobilize, killing bacteria and cancer cells. Precisely riding a bicycle is recommended to the sick as a therapy to fight the disease. It can also be done to prevent diseases such as these and all infectious diseases.

  1. Decrease the Chance of Cancer and Diabetes

Research shows that cycling regularly reduces the risk of developing cancer of the colon, prostate, pancreas, and breast. Also, to reduce by 40% the probability of being Type 2 diabetic with the daily practice of riding a bike for about 30 minutes.

  1. Mental Well-Being

It is more than proven that the practice of a sport produces in our body the generation of the hormones of happiness or endorphins generate a feeling of optimism, well-being with oneself while the brain oxygenates. Therefore, it is recommended to ride a bike to people with states of stress, anxiety or depression.

  1. Improving Coordination

The circular movements of the legs and feet on the pedals together with the handling of the handlebars, the hands for the brakes is a practice that favors the improvement of body balance and movements in coordination.

  1. Prevents Bone Injury and Arthritis

Cycling strengthens the bones, and this avoids falling bone injuries or fractures. This type of sport is recommended for people with osteoarthritis because the joints do not suffer so much when exercising sitting on the bicycle seat. Because it’s a low-impact exercise that puts little stress on the joints.

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