Graphdb Berlin

I’m Pere Urbón, a seasoned software developer from Barcelona living in Berlin, Germany. With more than 10 years of experience shiping sofware in many different environments, from top research projects to startup’s.Using Ruby, Java, Javascript, NoSQL databases (graphdb’s) and many other technologies I can help your organization and project to archive your goal.

I also enjoy meetups, conferences and being an speaker.

Who I’m

  • Software Carpentry

  • NoSQL Engineering

  • Consulting

I’ve experience in projects in little startups, but also doing research at top noch universities back in Barcelona. What this use to mean is that I enjoy hard problems that keep my mind busy. If you’re interested on it, you could check my online profiles.

With experience with Java/Ruby/JavaScript/C, with NoSQL(DEX/Neo4j/Redis/MongoDB), Relational (MySQL, Postgree) and BigData (Hadoop) technolgies, I enjoy being on the edge so I can solve problems better.