If you’re a cycling fan, this article will interest you. And just as we present you with the best skateboarding games, today we bring you the best bike sports games for Android. So you can’t stop reading this article and enjoy the fun on two wheels from your mobile.

  1. Tour de France

If you like sports management games, this is the best Android bike game you’ll find. This is the official cycling management game of the Tour de France. Here you can race in all the real stages of the Tour of Spain, one of the most critical events in the world of cycling. You can also run the Tour de France and other World Tour competitions. And you’ll have to manage your team of professional cyclists and lead him to victory.

With this title, you will have the opportunity to become a cycling manager. Since you will have to train your runners, create the best strategies to win, and even recruit cyclists to form your national team. Its gameplay is quite simple, so you won’t have too much trouble using it. To play it you need an internet connection, and your device has at least 1.5 GB of RAM.

  1. Live Cycling Race

This is a cycling title with 3D graphics where you can simulate a real Tour. It has 21 different stages in which you will have to overcome the various challenges. These challenges will be racing in a sprint, time trial, mountain, fast descents, among others. You can also customize your rider, choose your bike, increase your energy by collecting water bottles along the way and more.

You must stay in the race as long as possible and avoid the spectators during the route. It also has a survival mode in which you will have to keep on your bike without falling while you regain energy. The download of the game is free. So it’s an excellent option to have fun on your phone.

  1. Bike Unchained

Bike Unchained is a game that brings together various styles of bike sports and that you will love. Here you can run on the best and most challenging tracks. This includes the records of the Red Bull Rampage, the most important freeride event in the world. In this game, you will have to get the best bike, create your team, and travel to the most exotic places to beat your rivals.

The game features online and offline modes, so you can have fun wherever you are. It also features other game modes: historic campaign, fast sport and individual tournaments. Your controls are mostly intuitive, and your HD graphics are excellent. Best of all, your download is free. So wait no more and try this exciting game.

  1. Pro Cycling Manager 2011 PC

It is a cycling simulator with official license of the Tour de France and also the tour of Spain, returning one more year with offering the gamers a mixture between sports simulation and team mission having to lead the group belonging, managing sponsorship and contracts, thus training the cyclists and giving motivation, the season includes any kind of event.

This includes the tour and the lap, in addition to another hundred races recreated in the cycling competition with a 3D engine, modeled in a high definition of cyclists, each with their respective height, with more variety of terrain in the circuits, competitors have personal goals to fulfill where the mission is to help them and manage the relationships between the runners.

  1. The Pro Cycling Manager PC

Pro Cycling Manager 2013 Has to do with a game to the supporter of cycling get precisely what you are looking for a way to play, managing and enjoying their competitors preferred in your computer, the Pro Cycling Manager is a whole way of simulation and process sports, not just talking about the database up to date if you do not that allows the user to calibrate the experiences of the simulation.

However, the Pro Cycling Manager for PC does not have only one version, and as “in the variety is the taste” has the 2012 Pro Cycling Manager, cycling fans have a new episode of team management with the respective sports discipline that includes several novelties with influence of previous game of the saga as the interface, which is now more visual and more ordered that turns out to be very intuitive, and you can enjoy carrying out the team of cyclists at the highest level.

Pro Cycling Manager Season 2012 is one of the great options that you will have in mind to choose to your taste and creative and intuitive performance your great potential to distract and admire the sport like cyclists and the video game thus emphasizing the personalities of each player and developing their potential, managing the energy, knowing when to attack, when to regulate the march is another part of the gameplay.

Ernest Hemingway would certainly have liked Portland. Or Rock. Additionally, Austin. No, not due to his large neighborhood beer (although I sure would certainly have had hundreds of glasses). What the grumpy writer would have liked about those cities would certainly be the spaces they offer to ride a bike.

” It’s riding a bike that you recognize a country much better because you need to sweat as you go up and down its hillsides,” Hemingway composed.

  1. Rose City (Oregon)

” The base of the bicycle framework of the city was two decades earlier,” states Brian Zeck, manager of bicycle firm Rose city” s River City Bicycles. “Cycling has actually become something rooted in the culture of the city (…) in some way, Rose City has a touch of European city.”.

This facility includes 106 kilometers of bike lanes, 48 kilometers of narrow-traffic bike avenues and 283 kilometers of bicycle lanes. All of this is made use of by 8% of residents who state they make use of the bicycle as their main methods of transport as well as 10% who state it is their 2nd ways of transport.

  1. Minneapolis (Minnesota)

Cycling Publication sparked a detraction amongst the cycling community in 2010 when it revealed that Minneapolis had overtaken Portland as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the USA.

The distinction is especially unusual if one considers that Winters in Minnesota might be unkind to those that proceed bicycles.

Regardless of that, Minneapolis still has the 2nd biggest number of bicycle travelers from all significant cities in the United States. Its citizens state that this is because what the city lacks an excellent environment, it has plenty in optimal topography.

  1. Boulder (Colorado)

In Rock, you can go almost anywhere by bike. At least 95% of city roads are open to cyclists. That has to do with 600 kilometers of informal bike courses.

Furthermore, the city has actually spent heavily in recreational biking, especially with the Valmont Bicycle Park, a parcel of 182,000 square meters packed with bike courses as well as coliseums, among other things.

  1. Madison (Wisconsin)

” It’s truly not that much enjoyable to be out there when there are snow and ice on the ground, but still individuals hop on their bikes,” claims Ben Scherer, Sales Supervisor for Machinery Row Bicycles. “And he does it since people here truly love bikes.”.

The city has actually made excellent initiatives to offer more room for bicycles, which are already thriving. When considering al onger period of time, the city documents about 11,000 day-to-day bike journeys to the facility.

  1. San Francisco (The Golden State)

Right here you can be whatever you want as well as utilize the bike as your main means of transportation as well as nobody cares,” claims Chris Lane, proprietor of Roaring Mouse Cycles in San Francisco, the city that would place even more to the test the words of Hemingway, of sweat going up capitals. “You can be a hipster on a fixed pinion bike or a person who contends in excellent racing on your six-kilo bike.”.

San Francisco concentrated on its bike promotion policy since 1973 as well as has the highest portion of bicycle individuals in cities with greater than 500,000 inhabitants in the United States. Its goal is that by 2020, 20% of all journeys made in the city will be by bicycle.

  1. Austin (Texas)

” We don’t have Minneapolis or Portland numbers in what it concerns day-to-day bike travelers, yet I think we make up for it in weather condition and altitude,” states Craig Staley, General Manager of Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop in Austin. “You can ride your bike all year.”.

The city is altering its way of thinking and is concentrating on bicycles. Now, every single time you develop a new road, you consider a bike lane. Furthermore, the city has lowered the roadways for automobiles to offer even more space to the bike lanes.

  1. Chicago (Illinois)

Its inclement weather conditions half the year and the long distances to travel from one area to another might not Inspire bike enthusiasts much in Chicago. However, this city has 188 kilometers of special bike lanes and more than 48 kilometers of shared lanes. In total amount, the network of bike courses in Chicago is close to 560 kilometers.

” Lots of businesses motivate their workers to visit work with bicycles. Outward bound and also inbound mayors are bike pals as well as have actually produced regulation to promote their use,” says Adam Kaplan, primary professional at Get A Hold Cycles – Chicago.

Additionally, the city has actually Bike ambassadors dedicated to educating chauffeurs on how to interact with cyclists.

  1. Washington, D.C

The country’s capital is ultimately playing a management function in promoting healthy and eco-friendly transfers after introducing the country’s biggest bike-sharing system.

Funding Bikeshare provides more than 1,200 bikes spread across 140 terminals in the city and Arlington, Virginia. Nevertheless, many citizens confess that they are not yet extremely drawn into the cycling community.

” There is no unified culture here on the bike,” states Walker Wilkerson, an auto mechanic for the Bike Rack. “You have the fans and also the professionals, the granny, and the ordinary man, all attempting to go to function or ride a bike.”.

Know your bike’s gear system

How good is your bike’s gear system? There are those who don’t like it very much because it seems complicated and makes our lives difficult. On this occasion, we will review the gear system and its components in a general way, that is if you want to get competitive like me mentioned here.

Simply put, the gear helps us to raise the slopes more easily, to start without having to apply so much force and to accelerate when going down. In short, they allow the pedal effort and rhythm (cadence) to be optimal.

We can classify the types of gear into two large groups:

  1. Internal gear
  2. External gear

Internal Gear

Internal changes are inside the back Mace of the bike. They usually have a single pinion, although it is possible to find hybrid systems that combine internal changes with a diverter system and two or more pinons.

Internal gearboxes work in a similar way to the gearboxes of automobiles, using different combinations of planetary gears allow different speed relationships. The main advantage of this system is that it requires less maintenance as a sealed system. In addition, they allow changing speed without the need to pedal what makes them especially practical in the city.

Components of internal gears

  1. Lever / control
  2. Chains and linings
  3. Indicator chain
  4. Mace with internal chains

External Gear

External gears are much more common. This system consists of a set of pine nuts attached to the rear mace with a rear diverter. Some bikes can also include two or three dishes with a front diverter.

The main advantages of external changes are their weight and cost. Hence his great popularity. However, being exposed requires greater maintenance and are more likely to be damaged by some impact.

Components of external gear

  1. Levers / controls
  2. Chains and linings
  3. Rear diverter
  4. Forward deflector

Components of Bike Gear

Levers / Controls

We can say that the controls are responsible for sending the signal to control the chains. When selecting a position in the controls, the tension of the chains varies.

Chain and Lining

The chain is a steel wire which slides into the inside a lining. The chain voltage regulates the position of the deviator (external gear) or the indicator chain (internal gear).

Forward Deflector

The front derailleur consists of a “cage” of metal where the chain runs. This, in turn, is attached to the seat tube of the bicycle. This cage has moved to the sides and causes the chain to move also between the plates. The front deflector is operated from the gear lever on the left side.

Rear Diverter

The rear diverter is a little more complicated when compared to the rest of the gear pieces of the bike. This mechanism is fixed in the right dropout of the bicycle and consists of an articulated arm, a cage and two pulleys (guiding pulley and having tensor). We invite you to read more about the rear diverter here.

The diverter has the dual function of placing the chain on the desired pinion as well as maintaining the tension of the chain.

  1. Strengthens the Heart

Cycling stimulates and improves our heart, lungs, and circulation by significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Up to reduce the chances of a heart attack to 50%. In addition, cycling regularly lowers fat blood levels.

  1. Tone and Harden Your Muscles

During cycling, most muscles in the body become active. Mainly the lower part of the body, quadriceps, buttocks, and twins by the movement of the pedal but are not the only ones, since the lumbar, abdominal, pectoral, shoulders and back also work for balance, stabilize and hold the body on the bike.

  1. Improves Blood Supply

When we make an intense physical effort, the areas that work the most need a greater blood circulation, and hence our blood supply is activated positively.

  1. Removes Fat and Decreases Weight

Cycling is a good option to maintain or reduce weight, as it increases the metabolic rate, develops muscles, and burns excess body fat. This sport also has the advantage that for overweight people they can practice it from the beginning without having to lose a few kilos before. This is because 70% of the weight of the body rests on the chair, allowing persons who cannot move about easily in another way can exercise to improve their physical fitness and stimulate fat metabolism.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Riding a bike lowers the level of LDL cholesterol or also popularly known as ” bad ” cholesterol. However, “good” cholesterol (HDL) increases because blood vessels become healthier and more flexible. There is less chance of calcifying.

  1. Enhances the Immune System

By pedaling the bike, you multiply the phagocytes, and they start to activate attacking the bacteria, thus protecting you from possible infectious diseases. When cycling, you release chemicals that create a feeling of well-being and improve your mood. Besides, phagocytes multiply and mobilize, killing bacteria and cancer cells. Precisely riding a bicycle is recommended to the sick as a therapy to fight the disease. It can also be done to prevent diseases such as these and all infectious diseases.

  1. Decrease the Chance of Cancer and Diabetes

Research shows that cycling regularly reduces the risk of developing cancer of the colon, prostate, pancreas, and breast. Also, to reduce by 40% the probability of being Type 2 diabetic with the daily practice of riding a bike for about 30 minutes.

  1. Mental Well-Being

It is more than proven that the practice of a sport produces in our body the generation of the hormones of happiness or endorphins generate a feeling of optimism, well-being with oneself while the brain oxygenates. Therefore, it is recommended to ride a bike to people with states of stress, anxiety or depression.

  1. Improving Coordination

The circular movements of the legs and feet on the pedals together with the handling of the handlebars, the hands for the brakes is a practice that favors the improvement of body balance and movements in coordination.

  1. Prevents Bone Injury and Arthritis

Cycling strengthens the bones, and this avoids falling bone injuries or fractures. This type of sport is recommended for people with osteoarthritis because the joints do not suffer so much when exercising sitting on the bicycle seat. Because it’s a low-impact exercise that puts little stress on the joints.

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